Poetry: Rubies and Dandelions

Red rubies glisten in the sunShining the way wisdom does Dandelions hold her in their teethGrasping onto every word she says Ripping apart liesDividing the wrong from the right The wind blows, rivals tarryYour Word remains the same Sharper than any two-edged swordIt pierces through the murkiness of night Stubborn and strongThe rubies dance intoContinue reading “Poetry: Rubies and Dandelions”

A Drowning Soul

This soul believes the all-encompassing lie that this is all there is. That change is not possible. That nobody can save them now. They just are the way they are and nobody understands what they’ve been through.  A drowning soul does not know the all-encompassing Savior. They have not met Him. They haven’t allowed GodContinue reading “A Drowning Soul”

Thoughtful Thursday: “Beautiful Insanity” by Mercy Gordon (Music Review)

In retrospect of Christ’ resurrection anniversary, today’s post will be focused on the great mercy of God. The song that inspired this post is called, “Beautiful Insanity” by Mercy Gordon. In her beautifully eloquent lyrics, Mercy emphasizes the wonder of God’s love for us, “Every time I think of who you are and all you’ve done,Continue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: “Beautiful Insanity” by Mercy Gordon (Music Review)”

The Bride of Christ

To be one with Christ, is to be one with life itself. Our beautiful bridegroom is coming quickly. He has promised to make all things new. Marry Christ before anything else. God will never leave you nor forsake you. To put Christ first is the best decision one could ever make with their life. God’sContinue reading “The Bride of Christ”

Poetry: Life After Death

The time is comingWhen I will leave I hear them comingTo take the key Giver of lifeI am to themThough they do not recognize Me Broken at My Father’s feetLifted high for all to see The piercing blood flows through My veinsAnd pours on mercy’s side The tree has carried Me to youNo longer chained,Continue reading “Poetry: Life After Death”

Thoughtful Thursday: “This Too Shall Pass” by Jeremy Camp (Music Review)

Today I would like to shine a light on this gem of a song called, “This Too Shall Pass” by Jeremy Camp. I happened to stumble upon it a week or so ago and fell in love with the power of the lyrics and how the notes get stronger as the song goes on. ThroughoutContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: “This Too Shall Pass” by Jeremy Camp (Music Review)”

Biblical Prayer: To Refine the Body of Christ

Over time I’ve acquired a list of biblical prayers mostly written by Paul and Peter for the edification of the saints. This post is dedicated to a compilation of numerous biblical prayers compiled into one, edited into a first person POV for a smooth personal prayer experience. Dear Heavenly Father, (Romans 15:5-6 NKJV) I prayContinue reading “Biblical Prayer: To Refine the Body of Christ”

Poetry: Songbirds in a Dark World

Sing the song of the yolk being broken The layers of the Holy masterpiece are multiplied across the land The songbirds are preparing the way of the Lord Singing the melody concerning His promise Likened to a deep root grounded in the rivers of His majesty The songbirds are awaitingthe sound of the One whoContinue reading “Poetry: Songbirds in a Dark World”

Poetry: The Solace I’ve Found

Hidden under the shadow of your wingsI am shielded by the comfort you bring You caress the tears I cryCollecting each one in a bottle Your gentle hands hold the back of my broken wingsUpholding the freedom you’ve given me Your smile greets mine as I lift my face upShining brighter than a billion sunsContinue reading “Poetry: The Solace I’ve Found”

The Providence of God

I want. I need. Often, it’s easy to fall into the belief that we need a certain thing to happen in order to be satisfied. Even though we lived the majority of our lives without it, it clings to us more than prominently now. Our wants are not always His will. Asking God for somethingContinue reading “The Providence of God”

Abide in Me

The Lord is calling us to abide deeper with Him. We must lay down our desires and idols at His feet. He desires to know us so much deeper than the current half-hearted standard. What is our purpose here on this Earth? Is it in our goals, achievements, our futures, growing in life, finding happiness,Continue reading “Abide in Me”

A Bittersweet Goodbye

To the place that taught me what life is truly made of; Goodbye. A few days from now marks the day I bid my final farewell to California. Let me tell you, it’s been a journey, an unforgettable one at that. After moving across the country two years ago with no expectations, I had noContinue reading “A Bittersweet Goodbye”

The Difference Between Jesus and the World

We all bleed the same but Jesus bled for us. Desire. We all desire real love and acceptance. This stems from the real love we crave to know deep in our bones. Here’s the thing, nobody’s gonna find that in this hurt and broken world. Nobody is perfect except Jesus who is God incarnate. OnlyContinue reading “The Difference Between Jesus and the World”

Why God Allows Bad Things to Happen

We live in a fallen world, which means it’s far from perfect. There’s a mixture of God’s love and light, and then sin with all the bad that comes from it. There’s good things that occur: love, unity, peace, joy. And bad that occurs: lying, cheating, theft, abandonment, abuse, hatred, and betrayal. Obviously these thingsContinue reading “Why God Allows Bad Things to Happen”

The Precious Gift of Life

There is a secret hidden deep within our souls. A realm unseen, yet always spoken about. The spiritual realm hidden where we can’t see it. Our time will come when we get the opportunity to see what’s been hidden, but that will come in its appointed time. The truth is, we’re taught to be soughtContinue reading “The Precious Gift of Life”

Do You Love Me?

“GET OUT” you hear as you stand alone at the end of the hallway. You stand there half confused, half shattered because you doubt what’s to come in your life as being anything close to pleasant. A few more words said to pack what you can handle and exit before the person you once lovedContinue reading “Do You Love Me?”

The Light of Truth

This world has a funny way of revealing things to us. In fact our very being is based off the contradictions of the two things we all know as light and darkness. It’s in everything, good/evil, love/hate, truth/lies, peace/anxiety, unity/division and honesty/deception. This very nature is what drives us to be who we are andContinue reading “The Light of Truth”

Still Not Happy?

Throughout life, I have always focused on what I wanted, where I needed to go next, and what was happening the upcoming weekend. I focused on better things like upcoming vacations and the material possessions of the world I craved. As I grew up and matured, over time, I’ve come to the realization that, that’sContinue reading “Still Not Happy?”